Dr. Coles -West Valley Tabletop: A Journey and Thank You

By: Dr. Ben Coles

This week marks a milestone and a celebration of sorts, it has been a year since I started up a facebook group in an effort to grow a community of gamers for the far west side of the greater Phoenix area. This is our origin story…

My wife and I had fallen into hobby games a few years back, but we had only really played Catan, Ticket to Ride and the like. After a new local game store opened on our side of the city I started making the concentrated effort to get regular gaming going. Tabletop Tuesday was born. Many of our attendees came from these first few meetups, but unfortunately the store closed and a decision to move hosting to our home. With a little discussion we settled on a regular Wednesday get together and with that West Valley Wednesday became a thing.

Wednesday night has become a staple of our lives and a regular turnout of at least 15 gamers each week is impressive and allows us to play many varied titles. I want to thank those that have joined us over the past weeks, those who have brought, shared and taught games. Also those who have kept us fed. It has been great to make new friends and share these great little cardboard experiences together. This past year has been alot of fun and we hope to continue this on for as long as we can.

Thanks to everyone around me I’ve had the opportunities to play alot of games that I wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. As many who play with me know, I have been tracking my plays since the end of April and in the six plus months since I started doing so I have played almost 200 unique games.

I enjoy the experience of learning a new system each time, mechanics, card play, movement. I love to bury myself in a heavy euro as much as playing a strong thematic game with randomly high luck. There is so much choice and diversity out there in this hobby and so much that I have yet to get to play, both old and new that I look forward to every week to get together with my new friends and play.

So with that, I am excited for this weekend and our first TableCon. Hoping we can introduce some new people to games we love and to this hobby.

Keep on Playing!

The previous year wouldn’t have been possible without help from the following:
Cindy Coles and our kids, Theresa, Chaeli and Robert; Jared & Andrea Adamson, Mario Attilio, Trevor Shaff, Gary Pryzbocki, Cyndi Weaver, Nathan Kohatsu, Jason Washburn, Wil Sisney, Matthew Green, Nicole True, Michelle Brinker, Danielt Montgomery, Thomas Kirksey, Jeff Carroll, Kevin Kaye, Aubrey Hudachko, Michelle Bonk, Niki Stanger, Jason Schneider, Leo Vandenburg, Steve Rasmussen, Judy Ives, Darren Borquist, Rob Ruppert, Bridgette Sims and the many others who I have played with….

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